The radioactive contamination area in Serpong, South Tangerang city, is sealed off (Photo: Indonesia Expat/VNA)

Secretary of the agency Hendrianto Hadi Tjahyono said on February 21st that the examination was conducted through Whole Body Counting to check the level of radioactive exposure.

Seven residents are tested negative for the radioactive contamination, while the other two are exposed to two radioactive substances, Cesium 137 and 40K.

However, he said, the contamination level is very low, and there would be no effect on the body's health. He elaborated that the highest dose absorbed in the body is 0.12 millisievert, while the maximum permissible dose is 1 millisievert.

Earlier, Indonesian authorities requested residents to stay away from a plot of land after it had been found to be contaminated with radiation. Anti-radiation and resident protection measures were also carried out immediately. People with frequent activities in the area were examined to assess their exposure level./.