As reported by the Quang Ninh Electoral Committee, the implementation of activities for the election has so far met the schedule, been close and followed legal regulations. Specifically, the province established electoral committees at all levels correctly in components, quantities and time as regulated by law and the electoral committees at various levels set up three sub-committees to serve the election.

Organizing consultative conferences; anticipating structure, number of NA and People’s Council deputies at all levels ensured time, process and achieved high results. Accordingly, Quang Ninh will elect seven NA deputies. Together with three candidates introduced by the National Electoral Council, the locality has 13 candidates nominated as 14th NA deputies at three electoral units. 

For the People’s Council election at various levels, the province will elect 75 deputies at provincial level among 125 candidates, 466 deputies at district level among 771 candidates, 4,684 deputies at communal level among 7,799 candidates.

Participants at the working. (Photo:

As of May 12th, Quang Ninh has had 899,314 voters, including 440,937 female, 8,147 eighteen year-old voters who cast votes for the first time and 12,053 more than 80 year-old voters. It has three electoral boards for 14th NA deputies, 21 electoral boards for People’s Council deputies at provincial level, 136 electoral boards for People’s Council deputies at district level and 1,292 electoral boards for People’s Council deputies at the communal level.

Popularizing the election, organizing training courses for electoral teams, receiving petitions, settling complaints and denunciations, ensuring security and order and receiving documents of candidates, posting the list of voters and other preparations for the election were strictly directed by the provincial Electoral Committee.

In her speech, Do Thi Hoang, Standing Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party Committee, Head of the Quang Ninh NA deputies delegation and Deputy Chairwoman of the provincial Electoral Committee clarified difficulties in specifying structure and component of candidates; preparing plans for workers in industrial zones, students of colleges and universities, people in custody or detainees to join the election; popularizing the election and meeting with voters.

Meanwhile, Mr. Nguyen Van Pha highly hailed Quang Ninh’s thoughtful, detailed and close preparations for the election. He urged the province to continue to promote the achieved results and focus on every aspects of the election to ensure the success; especially popularizing and canvassing the election, training and improving skills for electoral teams and controlling vote counting as regulated./.

BTA (According to the 12th Congress)