Huynh Khanh Ly was born in 1991 in France. Her father is from Saigon and her mother is from Hanoi. Her career is quite special. Initially, she studied in the field of law, management and then cuisine and culinary arts studies.

The Masterchef Champion in France in 2015 title helped Huynh Khanh Ly become famous and allowed her to follow a course specializing in establishment and management of restaurants at the prestigious Paul Bocuse Institute in Lyon. In April 2016, she published a book including 45 recipes called "I'm a Chef!".

At present, Huynh Khanh Ly is a private chef and consultant in culinary arts. She receives many invitations all over the world. In early 2017, before coming to Vietnam, she was in Singapore and New York, to organize special banquets, cooking training courses and create recipes. Three years ago, she made her first trip to Vietnam. For her, the Vietnamese origin is very important. Her favourite Vietnamese dishes are steamed rolled rice pancake, “Cao Lau” (dish made with noodles, pork, and local vegetables), Hue beef noodle soup and Quang noodle soup.

She attended the Francophonie Festival held at Hanoi University on March 18th. She will show how to make French style fried bread at a culinary booth in the campus of the university during the festival.

On March 20th, she meets and guides students, while enjoying dishes at O'Douceurs restaurant at No. 91 Tran Hung Dao, wishing to study in France in the field of cuisine.

In particular, on March 21st, along with Alain Dutournier at La Table du Chef restaurant, she will cook a banquet "French Taste" organized at the French Embassy in Vietnam. This party will be attended by Vietnamese alumni and Vietnamese students wishing to study in the field of cuisine - travel - wine research and counselling./.