As of March 30th, Indonesia reported 1,285 COVID-19 infections, including 112 deaths. Jakarta has the highest number of people infected and died of COVID-19. In particular, there are 61 health workers infected with SARS-CoV-2 virus and 10 of them died after caring for patients.

Vietnamese breads presented to health workers in Jakarta (Photo:

To encouraging health workers, who in the front line in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, Yeu Saigon Group in Indonesia’s Jakarta owned by a Vietnamese person , has carried out the program "Our love for you”, which donates Vietnamese breads to health workers at hospitals assigned to COVID-19 epidemic treatment in Jakarta.

“We want to express our appreciation and encouragement to doctors working at the hospitals. We want to join hands to make efforts to the host country, which is also our second homeland, to quickly overcome the pandemic. The reason why Yeu Saigon Group chooses Vietnamese bread to present to the doctors is that it is a world-famous food and is loved by Indonesian friends,” shared Ms. Le Thi Tuyet Mai, Director of Yeu Saigon Group.

For five years of doing business in the Muslim country of Indonesia, Ms. Le Thi Tuyet Mai understands the culinary tastes of Indonesian friends and their requirements for food.

Accordingly, bread with grilled chicken fillet, grilled beef, beef spring rolls, chicken spring rolls, stir-fried beef and many other kinds of bread, focusing on Halal standard (food for Muslims) are prepared at the company's general kitchen. All of them have food safety certification before presenting to the doctors at hospitals in Jakarta.

Receive hot breads with the message outside the bag "For you who stay work for us", the doctors working at hospitals in Jakarta feel warm.

Dr. Ngabila Salama, Head of Epidemiological Surveillance Department under the Health Department in Jakarta, said that this is a very practical activity of concern for the city's health workers in the context of increasing cases of COVID-19 infection, especially in Jakarta.

Breads with message "For you who stay work for us" (Photo:

“Although there are only 13 hospitals designated COVID-19 treatment in Jakarta, in fact, more than 70 hospitals in Jakarta have received and treated COVID-19 patients. The number of patients is increasing, the health force has to work at full capacity, so we really need help in any form. The food that Yeu Saigon Group makes is very simple, easy to eat, high nutrition, with enough protein and vegetables, suitable for busy people. We are very grateful for the help of Vietnamese friends,” he said.

Currently, the capital city of Jakarta is implementing a policy of "social distance", which closes trade centers, restaurants, agencies and schools to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

As a result, most restaurants in the chain of 17 restaurants of Yeu Saigon Group in Jakarta have been closed. However, the group’s general kitchen still mobilizes staff to maintain food production to present to the health workers.

In the coming time, the group will continue to process meals for orphanages and poor people in Indonesia during the time the country is facing the global pandemic./.