Specifically, the Vietnamese Embassy worked with Overseas Vietnamese associations and Vietnamese Student Associations in France, and encouraged them to follow guidelines of the host administration, avoid moving out of living areas or to crowded places, and closely follow the instructions of the embassy and the locality.

As Vietnam Airlines announced that it would continue to transport passengers from Europe to Vietnam, many Vietnamese students and citizens are impatiently preparing to return home, and even call or write emails requesting the embassy intervention to be able to return home soon.

Photo for illustration (Source: ambassade-vietnam.com)

The embassy has instructed Vietnamese student branches in France to timely reassure the spirit, encourage Vietnamese students and people to comply with the regulations of restricting travel, mutual assistance, and avoiding repressive pressure on transport companies and receiving capacity.

The embassy also asked the associations to quickly list Vietnamese doctors, trainees and students in the medical field present in the region who can volunteer to advise and support the students and community when requested.

In addition, in support of the French government's proposal of restricting people from moving out of their living areas, the embassy has instructed citizens who have embassy appointments to complete consular procedures through the post office or postpone their appointment if not urgent to avoid travel and risk of infection to the community and staff of the embassy, ensuring uninterrupted work in the context of the disease.

According to incomplete statistics, the Vietnamese community in France currently has about 300,000 people, including nearly 7,000 students.

In case of needing assistance, Vietnamese citizens can contact the citizen protection phone number or email posted on the official website of the Vietnamese Embassy in France and adhere to epidemiological guidelines of the local government.

• The citizen protection switchboard of the Vietnamese Embassy in France: 01 44 14 64 44; email: urgent@ambassade-vietnam.fr

• Epidemic prevention guidelines of the French government: https://www.gouvernement.fr/info-coronavirus

• Epidemic prevention guidelines of the French Ministry of Health: https://solidarites-sante.gouv.fr/soins-et-maladies/maladies/maladies-infectieuses/coronavirus/coronavirus-questions-reponses

• Phone number of the French Ministry of Health answering questions related to the Covid-19 epidemic: 0 800 130 000./.