Leaders and staff of the Vietnamese Embassy in the Russian Federation at the headquarters (Photo: VNA)

Joining the jubilant atmosphere all over the Russian Federation, the appearance of the headquarters of the Vietnamese Embassy in Russia also becomes more colourful with the national flags of the 32 competitors as well as banners and images of the mascot, which is the symbol of the Word Cup 2018.

At the launching ceremony, Ambassador Ngo Duc Manh wished all officials and staff of the embassy to have a healthy and happy World Cup season, but not neglect their tasks, especially paying attention to supporting Vietnamese citizens to Russia to attend the world’s biggest football festival in this summer.

He said that this is an especially important event for the Russian Federation and an opportunity for the country to introduce its beauty to world friends, especially in the context of Russia’s tense relations with the West.

The ambassador hoped that in a near future, the Vietnamese football team would be one of 32 teams participating in the World Cup.

The embassy will organize some meetings to encourage some football matches played outside office hours./.