Some exhibits seized by the Quang Ninh provincial Police (Photo:

Drug trafficking criminals have taken advantage of the above conditions to illegally transport drugs from China into Vietnam for consumption and vice versa.

Recently, the police force for the investigation of drug-related crimes, under the Quang Ninh provincial police, has closely cooperated with the relevant units to effectively prevent this criminal activity.

According to a report of the Police Department for the Investigation of Drug-Related Crimes under the Quang Ninh provincial Police, the illegal drug trade and transport from China into Vietnam is decreasing sharply, as seen in the reduced number of cases and suspects. In the first six months of 2017, the provincial authorities pursued seven criminal cases and arrested eight drug traffickers for crossing the border, seizing nearly 9kg of drugs. Compared to the same period in 2016, the number of the detected cases decreased by 15, and by 26 drug traffickers.

Lieutenant Colonel Le Ngoc Hanh, Deputy Head of the Police Department for the Investigation of Drug-Related Crimes under the Quang Ninh provincial Police, said that the situation of illegal drug trafficking crime across the border has been reduced due to the effective operation of the related forces. In terms of border control, from the beginning of the year, his unit has cooperated with the border guard to closely control the illegal entry and exit to China.

The authorities of Quang Ninh province have strictly controlled the number of people in the border areas from districts of Binh Lieu, Hai Ha to Mong Cai city. At the same time, they have also exposed the methods and tricks traffickers use to hide drugs to help those on duty in the border areas to take timely measures.

In addition, the fight against drug crimes in China has also been enhanced. The facts show that drug traffickers have shifted drug trafficking through the Lang Son border area to Quang Ninh province for easier access to their market.

Mr. Hanh said that in the coming time, it is necessary to continue intensifying the fight against drug-related crimes on the borderline, transport routes and especially fight and destroy groups relating to drugs within Vietnam, to ensure the reduction of both supply and demand.

In order to effectively prevent the illegal drug trafficking and transport through border areas, communication to raise awareness of people also has an important role, preventing people from being enticed and entangled into committing illegal activities./.