Overview of the workshop (Photo: qtv.vn)

The workshop aims to affirm the great value in the journalistic style of Ho Chi Minh, great teacher of Vietnam’s revolutionary press. 

The delegates presented advantages, difficulties, constraints and obstacles encountered while implementing press works, defining the roles and purpose of the press, and enhancing the orientation and truthfulness of the press and morality of journalists. Thus, Quang Ninh journalists should study and follow Uncle Ho’s examples more effectively, contributing to building up the press of Quang Ninh province more strongly.

Journalist Nguyen Tien Manh, Chairman of the Quang Ninh Journalists Association, Editor-in-Chief of Quang Ninh Newspaper, asserted that journalists of Quang Ninh province should creatively apply ideas about Uncle Ho's newspapers to well carry out the political task by constantly training, raising political will and absolute loyalty to the Party, people, and living and working with accountability to the society and themselves.

On this occasion, the Quang Ninh provincial Journalists Association announced a decision to establish the inter-association of journalists of the Quang Ninh Radio and Television Station, including the Journalist Association of the Quang Ninh Radio and Television Station and the Journalist Association of Eastern and Western and Central regions./.