Public service website of Quang Ninh (Photo: Bich Lien)

This is a new milestone affirming the success of Quang Ninh province in the process of building e-government and smart city, timely adapting to the industrial revolution 4.0.

The national public service portal is set up at This is the focal point to provide information and support to organizations and individuals to implement online administrative procedures and public services, and to supervise and evaluate the settlement of administrative procedures.

The operation of the national public service portal will help reduce the time and cost of settling administrative procedures and public services through the reduction of procedures, inspection and confirmation processes for information from integrated specialized databases such as business registration, taxation, insurance; allow papers and information that organizations and individuals have provided once successfully when using online public services, to be reused and give the results of administrative procedure settlement recognized legal status throughout the system; the provision of public services does not depend on time and administrative boundaries.

It is scheduled that in late November, the National Public Service Portal will be launched. It helps people and businesses implement procedures such as changing driving license (level 3); international driving license; granting certificates of origin of goods; registering promotions; electronic tax payment for businesses; newly supplying medium- and low-voltage electricity; payment of electricity; and reporting promotions in localities.

Quang Ninh is a leading locality in the country in building e-administration and smart city services. Up to now, the province’s administrative procedures have been connected at four levels; its infrastructure well connects with government offices, some ministries and other provinces.

Recently, the province has put into operation the smart city management center and the provincial public service portal, which ensures modernity, science and many utilities. At the same time, it has also cooperated with related units to make payment for online services.

When being selected for pilot connection of public services to the National Public Service Portal, the province has researched and can immediately implement the promotion registration, granting driver's licenses and birth registrations.

The province will continue to research to carry out services such as electronic tax payment for individuals; granting codes for budget relation units; cancellation of customs declarations; additional declaration of customs declaration; group of safe transaction registration procedures.

As one of the three localities chosen by the Prime Minister to implement pilot public services on the National Public Service Portal, Quang Ninh province is ready to join the big game in building public, transparent administration./.