Vice director of Kon Tum provincial Department of Information and Communications Nguyen Thi Tho said that the department will coordinate with localities to organize the exhibition in nine districts in the province and in an armed forces unit in 2017 and 2018, on the occasion of great festivals.

Accordingly, in 2017, the exhibition will be held in five districts, including Dak Ha in March, Dak To in April, Dak Glei in May, Kon Ray in August and Ngoc Hoi in October. In 2018, it will take place in Kon Plong in March, Tu Mo Rong in June, Ia H’Drai in September, Sa Thay in October and Military Regiment 990 in Dak To in May.

The press briefing (Source: CPV)
In 2019, the exhibition will be organized in border communes, inhabitant areas, military units and schools in the province.

As scheduled, the exhibition will be open for five days in each locality and unit, with nearly 100mpas and many objects, publications.

In 2016, the Ministry of Information and Communications coordinated with Kon Tum province to organize the exhibition in the province./.

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