Health declarations in isolated areas

Foreign tourists who have taken flights with those later identified to be infected with COVID-19 are then in isolation for 14 days as regulated by the Vietnamese Ministry of Health, in order to ensure safety for communities. Many of them are happy to obey the regulation. They revealed their impressive feelings with images and memories in Vietnamese isolation areas, especially about those who care for them day and night.

Isolation areas are all disinfected every day. People in isolation are provided with nutritious food, water and receive medical check-ups twice per day. 

Tran Minh Trang, who is in isolation and a roommate with 2 British tourists, said that the British tourists showed their satisfaction with the facilities and food, and pledged to return to Vietnam later.

Many foreign tourists also expressed their belief that Vietnam will promptly defeat the disease.

Clean and airy accommodations

It is shown in the diary of a Korean tourist or a handwritten letter of a Polish tourist, marking a journey and new experience in Vietnam, indicating their deep gratitude for those who spend day and night preparing their accommodations and meals.

Nutritious meal in isolation area


Sharing about the 14-day isolation period of time in Hanoi, a Korean tourist said that he used to worry about living conditions in isolation areas; however, everything is fine and he was thankful for officers who cared for him during that time. 

Vietnam brings safe feelings. Earlier, asking foreign tourists about their impression on Vietnam, they often mention “friendly people”.

The Hanoi Opera House is one attractive destination for foreign tourists.

Matthew Pike, a Canadian writer, who has spent a long period of time living in Ho Chi Minh city, said that he appreciated Vietnamese people’s respect for the elderly./.

Compiled by BTA (Photos: NDO)