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The event, co-organized by the Italian Embassy in Vietnam and Thai Ha Books at the Italian Cultural Centre (Casa Italia), was the first event held under the European Literature Week in Hanoi, May 6th -14th.

With fictional characters and based on real events, “The quarantine" re-creates the context in Vietnam in 2002, when the SARS epidemic broke out and a series of hospitals were placed in isolation.

The novel took readers inside the Hanoi French Hospital, with those anxious for their fates in Hanoi, then extended to other regions, other fates and other issues. Finally, readers discover that every life is being isolated, always waiting an unexpected something.

Speaking at the event, Italian Ambassador to Vietnam Cecilia Piccioni affirmed that this is a novel with a fascinating storyline that gives readers the feeling of being on a trip through Vietnam, through cultural regions, the country and people of Vietnam, with specific events.

Dr. Nguyen Manh Hung, CEO of Thai Ha Books, shared the reason he chose to publish the novel, because it was not only a novel, but a scientific, cultural and life publication. Author Lorenzo Angeloni has a deep understanding of Vietnam, art, behaviour and even traditional martial arts.

During his tenure as Italian Ambassador to Vietnam (2010-2015), Mr. Lorenzo Angeloni conceived and wrote “The quarantine”, his fourth novel. His works are a combination of diplomacy and writing passion.

At the ceremony, Mr. Lorenzo Angeloni shared that the curiosity, efforts to fulfil diplomatic mission and an inherent love for the country and people of Vietnam helped him to complete the novel, and he was very touched when it was introduced to Vietnamese readers.

In Italy, the novel is also highly appreciated by literary critics. “The quarantine” is a novel with high artistic value and a great writing style. I am impressed with the ending part about a dumb girl and the unexpected end of the work," said Editor-in-chief of The Messaggero newspaper Marco Brunacci.

"Angeloni's works are always imbued with humanitarian values, expressing a heart toward those fated with misery. In “The quarantine”, readers also feel a special sentiment and a nostalgia for the land that the author considers a part of him, Vietnam," said a linguistics Professor from University of Perugia of Italy./.