The Norwegian national’s handwritten letter (Photo: VNA)

The letter was sent to Do Ngoc Anh, the one in charge of inspecting isolated persons’ health and daily lives.

Mr. Stian Wiik is currently working at a company in Vung Tau city. He returned to Norway from March 4th-8th and traveled to France with a Norwegian friend.

On March 11th, he re-entered Vietnam. In Vietnam, he received news that his friend traveling with him had been infected with COVID-19. He was taken into an isolation area for monitoring for 14 days, as regulated.

In his letter, Mr. Stian Wiik expressed his gratitude to the health workers who cared for him during the days of medical isolation.

“As I am not familiar with the Asian healthcare, I was a little bit worried about where I would be placed and what it would be like,” the letter said. “But I was very pleased with the room I was given, containing an air conditioner and fridge.”

He also expressed his pleasure with the area’s silence, and the conditions that made him be able to create his own routines for eating, reading, walking and sleeping./.

Compiled by BTA