Lt. Gen. Wayne D. Eyre (Source: Yonhap)

Lt. Gen. Wayne Eyre will become the first non-American General to hold the post at the UNC since the multinational force was established.

“I am looking forward to taking on the challenge of deputy commander at UNC Korea, and I am incredibly honored to be selected for this position,” Mr. Eyre said in a statement. “Canada is committed to maintaining peace and security on the Korean Peninsula and throughout the Asia-Pacific region, for which the UNC is an important component. And I will do all I can to support this objective.”

The appointment of Lt. Gen. Eyre demonstrates Canadian leadership and underlines Canada’s enhanced role in recent years in support of stability on the Korean Peninsula. Canada has worked hand-in-hand with its allies to revitalize the UNC and has actively participated in military exercises that reduce the risk of accidental escalation that could undermine diplomatic efforts.

The UNC is the unified command structure for the multinational military forces, established in 1950, supporting the RoK during and after the Korean War./.

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