Conference deploy civilized behavior of tourism and community-based tourism for residents in Hanoi

Thursday, 15/06/2023 14:15
On the morning of June 1, the Hanoi City Department of Tourism coordinated with the Son Tay Town People's Committee to organize a conference to deploy the civilized behavior of tourism and community-based tourism for residents.
Training conference for Son Tay people to do community-based tourism. (Source: 

This is an activity to guide people to develop community-based tourism, contributing to building Son Tay town into one of Hanoi's key tourist destinations.

Son Tay town is an ancient land located at the western gateway of Hanoi, conveniently positioned about 45km from the center of the capital. Dubbed as the land of "talented people's masterpieces" with many historical relics and rich treasures of tangible and intangible cultural heritage, Son Tay has the advantage to develop tourism and services.

According to the Son Tay Town People's Committee,  244 relics and 956 old houses were built in the 16th century; 65 unique and typical festivals of Doai are associated with customs and habits such as Va temple festival, death anniversary of King Phung Hung and King Ngo Quyen, and Mang Son temple festival.

In addition, Son Tay town is also the hometown of national heroes and celebrities such as Bo Cai Dai Vuong Phung Hung, King Ngo Quyen, and Detective Giang Van Minh.

Deputy Director of Hanoi Department of Tourism Nguyen Hong Minh and the delegation surveyed the destinations of Duong Lam Ancient Village.

Currently, Son Tay town has two tourist attractions recognized by the Hanoi People's Committee, including Duong Lam ancient village, the first and only ancient village of Son Tay awarded  as national cultural and historical relic; and Long Ho village tourist area, Kim Son commune. In addition,  Son Tay also attracts tourists with unique culinary features such as Phu Nhi rice cake, Mia chicken, peanut candy, Duong Lam soy sauce, Kim Son honey and Son Dong jackfruit.

Vice Chairman of Son Tay Town People's Committee Le Dai Thang said that according to the general planning on construction of the capital to 2030, with a vision to 2050, Son Tay is identified as one of the five satellite towns of the capital to be a cultural and historical city and a resort tourist city. In the period of 2025-2030, Son Tay strives to become one of the capital's tourist attractions. In 2022, the town welcomed 653,741 tourists, of which 13,741 international visitors and 640,000 domestic tourists. Duong Lam commune tourist spot welcomed 340,000 visitors.

With tourism as a spearhead economic sector, Son Tay town has synchronously implemented a number of solutions for sustainable urban development in association with tourism development, in which focusing on building set up sightseeing tours at famous monuments of the town, such as: Ancient Citadel, Va Temple, Duong Lam ancient village, Khai Nguyen pagoda, Mang temple, Vietnam National  Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism, Dong Mo tourist area, eco-resort sites in the area. Besides, Son Tay also built and put into operation a pedestrian street with a variety of activities, becoming a new attractive destination for people and tourists./.