Portuguese - Vietnamese dictionary introduced in Vietnam

Thursday, 07/09/2023 11:14
On September 6, the Vietnam - Brazil Friendship and Cooperation Association introduced a Portuguese - Vietnamese dictionary to meet demand of those who love Portuguese and wish to spread the use of the language in Vietnam.
 Portuguese - Vietnamese dictionary introduced in Vietnam (Source: CPV)

VNA quoted the saying of Associate Professor, Dr. Vu Kim Bang, head of the compiling board, at the ceremony that the dictionary was compiled with the most updated language and methods, aiming to both serve the study and teaching of the language in Vietnam and provide practical assistance to Vietnamese people who want to work, do business and travel in Portuguese-speaking countries.

Besides, the dictionary is also a bridge that contributes to spreading the culture of Portuguese-speaking countries in general, Portuguese and Brazilian culture in particular in Vietnam, he added.

According to the board, with diverse topics and high applicability, the introduction of the dictionary is expected to contribute to enhancing exchanges and mutual understanding about politics, economy and culture between Vietnam and Brazil in particular and Portuguese-speaking countries in general./.

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