Quyen Linh invites famous Korean director to Vietnam

Friday, 07/06/2024 16:33
MC, actor Quyen Linh, Director of the Cinema Development Center, has just announced the famous guests, including Korean director Kim Han-min, who will attend the upcoming Vietnamese film event.
Famous Korean director Kim Han Min (in the middle) and two actors in "Noryang: Deadly Sea".

The famous Korean director will be in Ho Chi Minh City for an international exchange programme between Vietnamese and foreign film makers from June 24 to 26.

Ellen Y.D Kim, who is director of the Asian Contents & Film Market of the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF), and Film Critic Jeon Chanil are also scheduled to take part in the exchange.

The guests will engage in the “Road to Busan International Film Festival”, an international exchange programme as part of a series of activities aiming to bring experts on global cinema to the country.

The programme aims to help domestic film makers improve their professional qualifications, expand their relationship network, and get more experience from international experts, thereby further promoting development and innovation in domestic film production./.

Compiled by BTA