"Vietnam Festival 2024" opened at Yoyogi Park in Tokyo

Monday, 03/06/2024 15:52
On June 1, "Vietnam Festival 2024" opened at Yoyogi Park in Tokyo to introduce unique Vietnamese culture and develop bilateral relations in multiple fields such as economics, politics, and people-to-people exchanges over the past five decades.
An art performance at the  "Vietnam Festival 2024" in Japan (source: VNA)

The event drew the participation of a large number of representatives from numerous Japanese ministries, organisations, businesses, and the Vietnamese community in Japan.

During the event, cultural activities and music performances were put on by popular Vietnamese singers. In addition, Vietnamese water puppetry shows were also held to help Japanese audiences and the Vietnamese community gain greater insights into the unique art in the world.

There were also a number of stalls to introduce Vietnamese cuisine packed with Japanese people who have been keen on tasting local delicacies such as Pho, bread, and spring rolls.

Moreover, there were a number of pavilions set up to introduce jobs, tours, and aviation services, as well as import-export activities among companies of the two countries.

VOV reported the details given by the organisers, this year’s event attracted the participation of about 180,000 visitors./.

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