Moise was born and grew up in Bucharest, Romania. After graduating from Bucharest’s Fine Arts high school Nicolae Tonitza, he received a scholarship and came to Vietnam to learn painting. After studying for five years at the Vietnam University of Fine Arts, he graduated and received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2015. Since then he has continued painting artworks in Hanoi and spent time learning about Vietnamese culture.

The displayed paintings, in a variety of styles and techniques, were produced while Sergiu Moise studied at the Vietnam University of Fine Arts. They reflect the images of daily life and portraits in Vietnam.

Sergiu Moise said he loved to experiment with Vietnam’s traditional painting techniques such as lacquer, silk, and oil on canvas.

The exhibition will run until July 20th.

Following are paintings at the exhibition:

Paintings by Romanian artist Sergiu Moise (Source:

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