Venerable Thich Nu Gioi Tanh presents gift to people affected by COVID-19 pandemic (Photo: Vietnamese Buddhist Association in RoK)

This gift, including 12,000 face masks, 100 face shields and other necessities with a total value of 123 million dong, will ease the difficulties of administrations and people in distanced areas in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

On August 6, the Vietnamese Buddhist Cultural Center in RoK organized to distribute hundreds of boxes of instant noodles, thousands of masks, bottles of antibacterial hand sanitizer, rice and many other foods to support people in an isolated area in Dong Anh, Hanoi.

Venerable Thich Nu Gioi Tanh shared that the gifts are small but show their hearts and embody the good tradition of Vietnamese people.

She believed that with the solidarity, consensus and synergy of the whole political system and the entire Vietnamese people at home and abroad, considering "fighting the epidemic as fighting the enemy", Vietnam will definitely defeat the COVID-19 pandemic, bringing a peaceful, safe and happy life to the people./.