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A survey of 11,502 businesses shows that wholesale-retail and vehicle repair were the sectors hit the hardest by the pandemic, accounting for 36.74 percent of the affected; followed by manufacturing and processing, 16.42 percent.

According to FALMI, information and telecommunications was the sector least impacted by the pandemic, making up just 3.69 percent.

Some 42.7 percent of surveyed people said they were struggling in seeking customers and distributing their products; 27.15 percent found it challenging to access funding; 18.23 percent believed the provision of support policies were not timely enough; and 11.92 percent said they faced shortage of input materials.

Among more than 251,000 workers surveyed, 51.62 percent have been hurt by the pandemic. Of the affected, 48.18 percent said they had their working hours reduced; 32.21 percent lost jobs; 8.2 percent had their contract suspended; 7.45 percent took partly paid leave; and 3.96 percent took unpaid leave, said the FALMI.

Over 39 percent of asked enterprises said they plan to cut their head count during the final months of this year.

According to Mr. Phan Ky Quan Triet, FALMI Deputy Director, the worst-ever COVID-19 resurgence forced HCMC to impose social distancing restrictions under Directive 16 in early July, therefore, businesses in the city have to suspend their operation or scale down production./.