Eight international non-governmental organizations commit nearly VND169 billion in aid to Quang Ngai

Tuesday, 09/07/2024 14:54
This figure was announced at a conference on receiving and utilizing foreign non-governmental organizations’ (NGOs) aid in Quang Ngai province, organized by the provincial Department of Foreign Affairs in early July 2024.
Since 2016, foreign NGOs have provided aid to Quang Ngai province through more than 200 programs, projects, and non-project aids. (Photo: quangngai.gov.vn)

The report presented at the conference stated that Quang Ngai province currently has 27 registered foreign NGOs actively operating, 12 NGOs with registered licenses but not yet active, and three other individual organizations. These NGOs and foreign donors have adhered to the registered content of their programs and projects and complied with Vietnamese law during their operations in Quang Ngai.

The provincial Department of Foreign Affairs has also coordinated with relevant authorities to guide and manage the activities of NGOs in the province, as well as monitor and exchange information on their activities, ensuring security and foreign relations stability in the areas where these projects are implemented.

In 2023, the province received 25 aid packages, including 16 programs and projects and nine non-project aids from three foreign agencies, organizations and enterprises, and 14 NGOs with a total committed aid value of nearly 24.5 billion VND.

In the first half of 2024, the Quang Ngai Provincial People's Committee approved the receipt of 12 aid packages, including nine programs/projects and three non-project aids, with a total committed aid value of nearly VND169 billion from eight NGOs.

The activities of these programs and projects mainly focus on areas such as agricultural and rural development combined with poverty reduction; clean water; support for socio-economic development; healthcare; nutrition; culture; education; environmental protection; climate change mitigation; addressing of social issues; and child protection.

Most of the programs and projects funded by NGO aid have been and are proving effective, aligning with the socio-economic development orientation of the province, addressing the urgent needs of the local community, and targeting vulnerable and disadvantaged groups, especially in mountainous districts./.

Compiled by BTA