Mr. Pham Cao Phong speaking at the event (Photo: VNA)

Speaking at the ceremony, Ambassador and Secretary of the Party Committee of the Embassy Pham Cao Phong emphasized the significance and importance of the establishment of the Communist Party of Vietnam for Vietnam’s revolution in fighting for independence, implementing national revolution, democracy, building and protecting the country.

He said that in the complicated regional and international situation, tasks of officials and Party members from the embassy are increasingly heavier in implementing diplomatic work to build and protect the country.

The Ambassador also emphasized the patriotism of the officials and Party members when working in abroad.

Mr. Phong also called on officials and Party members to make efforts and unite to create general strength; while promoting the spirit of Party members to well implement assigned tasks and build the Party Committee to become more clean and strong.

At the ceremony, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee Bui Khanh Long reviewed the establishment and the 87 year journey of the Communist Party of Vietnam to lead the revolution to win great victory.

At the same time, he also emphasized the promotion of glorious tradition, studied leadership lessons of the revolution over the past 87 years, and actively building the pure and strong Party and making the country more prosperous./.