Ambassadors from ASEAN country members to the Czech Republic (Photo: VNA)

The event drew the participation of nearly 150 people, who are staff from embassies of Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam and their relatives as well as representatives of the overseas Vietnamese organizations in Europe and the Czech Republic.

Speaking at the event, Vietnamese Ambassador Ho Minh Tuan said that the event aimed to show the solidarity and close relations among ASEAN members.

He stressed that ASEAN is a united organization and Vietnam is willing to undertake the role of ASEAN President in 2020 with all its enthusiasm and professionalism.

President of the ASEAN Committee 2019 in Prague, Thai Ambassador Ureerat Chareontoh, said the organization of events of the ASEAN Community in Prague in general and ASEAN Family Day in particular had an important significance, contributing to raise the image of ASEAN as well as of each country member in the Czech Republic.

ASEAN Family Day 2019 took place in friendly and united atmosphere with activities of cuisine exchange, art performance and traditional games of ASEAN countries.

Traditional art items, performed by the overseas Vietnamese community in the Czech Republic, contributed to increasing the eventful atmosphere as well as promoted the Vietnamese culture to ASEAN friends.

On this occasion, the Vietnamese Embassy also organized a photo exhibition to promote the image of the land, people and tourism potential to ASEAN friends in the Czech Republic./.