Buddhist Festival held to promote Vietnamese traditional culture in Czech Republic

Tuesday, 26/10/2021 10:43
With the support of the local government, monks, nuns and Buddhists at Most Pagoda in Ustecky province’s Most city organized the Buddhist Festival to introduce the unique cultural features of Vietnamese people in particular and of Buddhism in general to the local people.

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An art performance at the festival (Photo: VOV)

This is the first time the Vietnamese community in Most city has organized a Buddhist Festival to introduce the beauty of Buddhist culture to foreigners. During this cultural festival, the monks, nuns and Buddhists of Most Pagoda also introduced to local people about Vietnam’s cultural beauty through special performances. In addition, visitors also learned about the beauty of Vietnam through the exhibition of beautiful photos, and enjoyed Vietnamese vegan dishes.

Venerable Thich Thong Dat said that this is an opportunity to introduce to the local people the specific characteristics of Buddhist culture, thereby honoring the traditional culture of Vietnam.

Mr. Luu Danh Huyen, Chairman of the Overseas Vietnamese Association in Most city, said that under the patronage of the city government, in recent years, the Vietnamese community in Most city has regularly organized Vietnamese cultural festivals. This program is a special opportunity to promote the image, country, people, culture and cuisine of Vietnam to local people.

Ms. Tatana Drahosova, a representative of the local government, said that the province has always been interested in cultural activities of the Vietnamese people, especially Buddhist festivals like this one. She expressed her joy when participating in the festival and believed that events like this will help Czechs better understand the culture and spiritual life of the Vietnamese community, as well as the moral values of Buddhism and thereby have a more respectful view of the culture of Vietnamese people.

Since the beginning of 2019, Most Pagoda has been recognized by the Ustecky provincial government as a Vietnamese Buddhist Cultural Center in the locality. This is also a place of cultural and spiritual activities for thousands of Vietnamese people around this area./.