Charity concert held in France for Vietnamese orphans

Monday, 10/06/2024 11:00
A charity concert has been organized at the Cortot Theater in Paris, France to raise funds to support orphans in Vietnam.
A performance at the event (Photo: VNA)

The concert was organized on June 7 by the Association of "Talented people helping Vietnamese orphans" by Ms. Susan Tran, a French-Vietnamese, with the participation of many famous French and Vietnamese artists like Eric Zorgniotti, Glen Roussel, Serge Hoffmann and Alain Vu.

The event was attended and supported by Ms. Pham Thi Kim Yen, Minister Counselor, representative of the Vietnamese Embassy in France, and a large number of overseas Vietnamese and French friends.

Speaking at the event, Minister Counselor Pham Thi Kim Yen expressed her emotion at the actions the association has taken for Vietnamese orphans. She appreciated the results the association has gained and believed that this would bring more hope to children in difficult circumstances, especially orphans in Vietnam. She affirmed that the Vietnamese Embassy in France always supports all aspects and will create favorable conditions for the association of "Talented people helping Vietnamese orphans" to carry out its activities.

Ms. Susan Tran emphasized that, from a spontaneous personal activity, through this event, she wishes to expand the scale and form of activities to help children, with the support of government agencies of Vietnam at home and abroad. Through the Vietnamese Embassy in France, she wants to connect with domestic organizations to be able to deploy the association's activities to support children in a more official way.

Ms. Susan Tran shared that the association was established with inspiration and motivation from her own life, growing up in an orphanage in France from 6 years old. Therefore, she understood the difficult life of an orphan.

Besides organizing volunteer activities by herself, on her personal website, Ms. Susan Tran also called on everyone to open their hearts for Vietnamese orphans. According to her, there are many ways people can help such as donating money, in-kind items, or simply giving love through letters of encouragement, or supporting her in organizing charity events and activities.

Artistic Director of the concert, musician Violoncelle Eric Zorgniotti shared that it was a great happiness for him to be invited to participate in a charity music night for orphans in Vietnam. As an artist, he always wanted to do useful things. Through music, he wants to share his passion with his audience and convey the message of peace and love between people. Through this charity fundraising activity, he hopes to contribute a small part to helping Vietnamese orphans have better conditions.

Mr. Raymond Le, Project Director of the event, shared that the song "Song of Hope" by musician Van Ky at the end of the concert expressed all the wishes and hopes of the artists. This is also the wish of the Vietnamese community in France, who always look towards the Fatherland, and bring a better life to orphans in Vietnam./.