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1. Not to go to epidemic-hit areas or those likely to be affected by the epidemic, which RoK authorities have recommended to be avoided (especially in Daegu and Gyeongsangbuk);

2. For those present in RoK: (i) it is necessary to strictly comply with the recommendations, instructions and strictly abide by rules on Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control of the RoK authorities (relating to travel, avoiding contact and gathering in crowded areas, medical hygiene, examination, isolation and self-isolation); (ii) keep calm, take initiative in protecting themselves, especially restricting travel and not moving out of RoK if not really necessary;

3. For those returning from an epidemic-hit area of RoK (Daegu and Gyeongsangbuk), the Vietnamese authorities will carry out medical examinations and quarantine for 14 days as required;

4. Timely informing RoK authorities, the Vietnamese Embassy in RoK and relatives in any emergency.

If you need assistance, please contact the citizen protection hotline of the Vietnamese Embassy in RoK: +82.10.6315.6618 or the phone number to citizen protection of the Consular Department: +84.981.84.84.84;

5. The government of RoK is currently taking strong and thorough measures, and affirming its ability to control and prevent the Covid-19 epidemic in RoK, ensuring timely provision of information and best and free healthcare conditions for cases of Covid-19 infection (including Vietnamese citizens if any) according to regulations of RoK./.