Overseas Vietnamese Association in RoK to organize talk shows to share useful knowledge

Sunday, 15/05/2022 09:38
The Overseas Vietnamese Association in the Republic of Korea (RoK) makes a plan to organize a series of online exchange programs between the Vietnamese community and guests with expertise and experience in related fields in the form of monthly livestream.

Overseas Vietnamese in RoK welcome New Year 2022

Banner of the program (Photo: baoquocte.vn)

The programs aims to grasp thoughts and aspirations as well as support to answer hot issues related to daily life of the Vietnamese community in RoK.

According to the plan, the program will launch the first issue on May 20 with many useful contents for the Vietnamese community in RoK such as: register to do overtime of students, law related to foreigners in RoK, multicultural family, E9 and E7 visas, and sailors.

Before each program, the Organizing Committee will collect opinions on the content that the community is interested in. After receiving feedback, the Overseas Vietnamese Association in RoK will look for suitable guests, prepare content and announce the livestream schedule.

The guests are people with expertise and experience in related fields such as labour law, visa law, marriage and family law, employee support, and multicultural family support./.