Vietnam-Japan Experts’ Association helps promote creative innovation in Vietnam

Monday, 27/11/2023 11:29
A ceremony was held on November 25 to make debut the Vietnam-Japan Experts’ Society (VJS) at the headquarters of the Vietnamese Consulate General in Japan’s Fukuoka prefecture.
At the event (Photo: VNA)

VJS, established on August 19, 2023, is a non-profit organization, which gathers Vietnamese and Japanese experts involving in sci-tech and innovative activities in Vietnam.

Speaking at the ceremony, Prof. Tran Dang Xuan, VJS President, affirmed that the VJS will contribute as much as possible to the development of science, technology and economy in Vietnam.

Vietnamese Consul General Vu Chi Mai committed all possible support to the VJS, especially in connecting Vietnamese agencies, organizations, businesses and localities with Japanese counterparts.

Meanwhile, Mr. Soramoto Seiki, member of the Japanese House of Representatives, who is also a holder of doctorate degree in atomic energy, pledged to do his best to contribute to the development of the VJS and Vietnam, thereby promoting the relationship between the two countries./.