Vietnamese in UK join hands to help homeland fight COVID-19 pandemic

Tuesday, 17/08/2021 17:14
The campaign "Joining hands with Vietnam to overcome COVID-19" was launched in London, the UK on the evening of August 15 to call on the Vietnamese community across the UK to look towards the fatherland.

Vietnamese in UK support local health staff in fight against COVID-19

Vietnamese people in the UK at the launching ceremony (Photo:

The launch ceremony was attended by many Vietnamese in the UK and representatives of three leading businesses in community activities, namely Park Pharmacy, Vanity Aesthetics & Beauty, and EPLEGAL.

At the ceremony, overseas Vietnamese shared that although they live far from the country, their hearts are always towards their homeland. They hear news about the COVID-19 pandemic situation in Vietnam, they always feel pity and worry.

Many Vietnamese teenagers in the UK and their families have brought their own savings to the program. For example, Anna Hoang, who is currently attending high school in London, has volunteered to teach online and work part-time during the summer break. The salary has been saved by this 13-year-old girl and sent to the campaign.

At the launching ceremony, the program raised 101,835,000 VND. The Organizing Board said it will send the funds to the State Commission for Overseas Vietnamese under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to donate to Vietnam's COVID-19 Prevention Fund and a fund for Saigon.

After the event, the Organizing Board will continue to expand the campaign to Vietnamese communities across the UK with the form of online fundraising.

This form will help everyone participate and contribute to support people in their homeland during difficult times due to the blockade and the strong outbreak of COVID-19 in Vietnam./.