Co Tu ethnic village area belongs to Ethnic Villages Zone II, Ethnic Culture and Tourism Village of Vietnam, planned to be built on an area of 3,877m2, construction area of 165m2, floor area of 330m2, including 2 stilt houses with total construction area of 112m2 and 1 communal house with construction area of 53m2.

Since 2015, Co Tu people from central provinces of Quang Nam and Thua Thien-Hue live in the village to to introduce their culture to visitors.

The activity has great significance in connecting the community, helping to preserve the cultural identity of the Co Tu ethnic group in the period of national integration with world cultures, and contribute to promoting the exchange with other ethnic groups in Vietnam.

The space of Co Tu ethnic village in the Ethnic Culture and Tourism Village of Vietnam has a beautiful location, fresh natural landscape, a destination for visitors to have attractive experiences.

At the village space, the Co Tu people have organized many activities to introduce their culture through festivals, customs, folk songs, folk dances, traditional crafts...

For each Co Tu, the Gol house is the house of the whole community. This cultural symbol is a sacred place where there are gods and ancestors, grandparents of the Co Tu people.

The space of the Guol house is also the place where many traditional festivals of the village are held.

Cultural activities introduced at the village. (Photos by The Duong)