I am very optimistic about the future development in Vietnam

Friday, 23/09/2022 16:22
(CPV) - That is confirmation of Mr. Nawaf Al Zamil, Zamil Steel Holding’s President, in an interview with the Communist Party of Vietnam Online Newspaper. According to Mr Nawaf Al Zamil, in addition to the potential of a market, the investment environment in Vietnam is better than when we invested in. Zamil Steel will consider Vietnam as a production hub, from which to export to the Asia-Pacific market.
Zamil Steel Holding’s President – Mr. Nawaf Al Zamil. (Photo: CPV)
Reporter: How do you feel about Zamil Steel’s achievement in Vietnam until now? 

Mr. Nawaf Al Zamil: We are very proud of where we have reached after 25 years. I'm very happy with the team we’re having. It has been very successful for us, so we’re very optimistic.

Reporter: After 25 years in Vietnam, do you have an intention for expansion in the near future?

Mr. Nawaf Al Zamil: Of course, we believed in Vietnam 25 years back, and now it’s even better. Because we see the progress, and continue to expanding in Vietnam. Now we’re investing in our factories with more modern machinery to cope up with project requirements. You know projects management are different now, more complicated, and not only in Vietnam, but in the whole Asia Pacific area where we are serving, so we are having plans now to invest, so there is indeed plan for expansion.

Reporter: It means that Zamil Steel believes more in the future development of the company in Vietnam?

Mr. Nawaf Al Zamil: Yes, we have plan for expansion in future, which means we believe more in the country. All government bodies have been very helpful to us and the Government of Vietnam has really helped us throughout this journey. In the beginning we didn't know what to do but now, they’re helping us in every way, and even with our exports they have been very helpful, so looking at the business perspective, Government, how much they have helped to bring the FDI inflows into Vietnam, I think that’s very positive.  I consider ourselves as the ambassador connecting Vietnam and the Middle East, so we always tell the Middle East businesses how potential the market is in Vietnam, and how successful we have been there, so we are very optimistic about the future.

Reporter: So, what will you say with other foreign investors, especially investors come from Saudi Arabia who want to invest in Vietnam?

Mr. Nawaf Al Zamil: We are the reference example for investment in Vietnam, so whenever investors have plans to come to Vietnam, always remember Zamil Steel. In the 25th anniversary we have the presence of the Saudi Ambassador to Vietnam, and he is willing to support any FDI investors from our country to Vietnam. So as we said, we are always telling our partner businesses about the good experience we have in Vietnam, and we’re optimistic about the future here.

Reporter: Thank you so much!

Khac Kien