Opportunities to promote products of Vietnamese enterprises in Kuwait

Thursday, 16/03/2023 16:00
(CPV) – Vietnamese businesses have attended Horeca Fair, an important event for the restaurant - hotel - coffee industry, just taking place at the Kuwait International Exhibition Center.

The event offered an opportunity for Vietnamese businesses to explore and penetrate the market to strengthen the presence of Vietnamese products in Kuwait, creating a good political relationship between Vietnam and Kuwait.

The exhibition area of Vietnamese businesses attracted the attention of local people.
(Photo: Vietnamese Embassy in Kuwait) 

The Vietnamese delegation included small and medium enterprises in their business fields. With products suitable with the needs and spending levels of local people such as agarwood, chocolate, coffee, and frozen food, Vietnamese businesses have quickly won the hearts of visitors.

Not only with activities at the fair, Vietnamese businesses also showed their dynamism with local contact activities. During the tourism promotion music night called “Hello Vietnam”, many guests had the opportunity to experience many products brought by Vietnamese businesses, as well as have the opportunity to win some unique items.

According to the Vietnam Trade Office in Kuwait, in recent years, Vietnam-Kuwait trade relations have made impressive developments. In 2022 alone, Vietnam’s commodities export to Kuwait was valued at 500 million USD.

Vietnam’s main export items to the country are garments and textiles, electronics, processed goods, and agricultural products./.