Reporter: What is the new point in this meeting that is concerned by APEC delegates?

Mr. Patrick Edward Moran: One of the things we're working on that is of interest to all of APEC are questions of how food security can be addressed in the APEC region. The role of oceans and fisheries is very important in the APEC region for food security, so we are looking to participate in APEC's work, and contribute to APEC's work, on that challenge

Mr. Patrick Edward Moran, delegate of the United States (Photo: Khac Kien)
Reporter: Do developed economies in APEC such as the US, Australia and Canada, support developing countries such as Vietnam and the Philippines, in this APEC meeting?

Mr. Patrick Edward Moran: Yes, I think we do. I think its very clear that Vietnam, the Philippines and other developing countries are particularly susceptible to food security challenges, and it is in everyone's interest in the region to support those economies, and to help them to develop solutions to these challenges.

Reporter: Does this meeting discuss global quality production standards?

Mr. Patrick Edward Moran: This is an issue that our working group does not directly address, its addressed at a higher level I think. I'm not sure I can actually speak to that issue, because we don't really talk so much about that specifically.

Reporter: Can you assess our Vietnamese fisheries?

Mr. Patrick Edward Moran: I do know that Vietnam is an active participant in distant water fishing – high seas fishing, fisheries like in WC, PFC, for tunas and other large valuable species.

I also know that Vietnam has a huge inshore fishery, coastal fisheries, and that there is a great interest in Vietnam in creating sustainable fishing and marine protected areas – I know there is a marine protected area right here in Nha Trang, and I've done some work with Vietnam on marine protected areas and also on marine spatial planning.

So Vietnam is a very good partner in this work and we enjoy working with Vietnam a great deal. And also excellent hosts, this meeting has been very good, the location is excellent of course.

Vietnam is very gracious and giving in its hosting, so we do appreciate that, its allowing us to get our work done, which is good. I'm sorry I couldn't answer the question on global production standards – maybe in the future we can work on that.

Reporter: Thank you very much!

Khac Kien