Photo for illustration (Source: VOV)

In a discussion hosted by Bild newspaper on the battle against COVID-19 with Head of the German Chancellor’s Office Helge Braun, Philipp Rösler, who was former Minister of Health of Germany, said as soon as the epidemic occurred, Vietnam implemented measures including border closures and when infections were reported, Vietnam imposed lockdown in the epicenters.

These preventive measures helped Vietnam contain the epidemic since the first outbreak, Rösler said, adding Vietnamese measures proved to be effective, and travelling within the country has been easier while entries to Vietnam, which are a few, must be put under quarantine.

On Monday Germany’s Zeit newspaper ran an interview with Jeremy Farrar, one of leading experts in fighting COVID-19, praising Vietnam’s success.

Mr. Farrar said Vietnam implemented measures immediately since the beginning and broke the transmission chain.

He said resolute prevention of virus transmission and new infection is the only strategy to contain the disease in the long-term as Vietnam has done./.

CPV (Source: VOV)