Son La: Young people and outstanding members report contributions to Uncle Ho

Wednesday, 27/03/2024 23:52
On March 26, the Son La provincial Public Security and 20 outstanding young men and women members paid tribute at Uncle Ho's Temple at the Northwest Square.
As many as 20 union members and typical members of the Son La Police in front of the spirit of President Ho Chi Minh. (Photo:

Before the spirit of the great President Ho Chi Minh, the delegates reported and respectfully presented to Uncle Ho the achievements and victories made in recent years.

Throughout the process of building and maturing the police force, Son La’s people always have significant contributions from officers, union members and members of the force.

Recognizing the efforts in union and association work, over the past 5 years, the Government leader awarded a certificate of merit to one individual. In addition, more than 100 collectives and over 800 individuals were honored by the Minister of Public Security, the provincial People’s Committee, the provincial Youth Union, the provincial Women’s Union and the Director of the provincial Public Security./.