Photo for illustration (Source: Dak Nong Online)

The province is the home to more than 40 ethnic minority groups with many specific and diversified intangible cultural heritages. It conducted two investigations to gather statistics on the intangible cultural heritage. The first investigation was carried out in 2015 in 54 villages in Dak R’lap, Chu Jut and Dak Glong districts, while the second was done in 2017 with 147 villages.

The investigations showed that gongs, knitting and brocade weaving have been still preserved in M’nong, Ma and Ede ethnic-inhabited areas. As many as 194 artisans know how to produce and play traditional musical instruments; 12 artisans know how to tell epics; 301 people know how to sing folk songs; 106 know how to tell ancient stories; and 50 can teach brocade weaving. Especially, Tinh musical instrument and Then ethnic singing of Tay and Nung ethnic minority groups have been familiar to people.

A number of traditional festivals are regularly held such as Gau Tao festival of Mong ethnic people in Dak R’mang commune, Long tong festival of Tay ethnic people in Quang Hoa commune, and "Throwing cotton ball game" of Mong, Thai and Tay ethnic groups./.

Compiled by BTA