A painting to be displayed at the exhibition (Source: laodongthudo.vn)
Apart from outstanding Hang Trong folk paintings on three topics, including New Year, worshipping and state of affairs, the exhibition will introduce specific products such as ancient decorations of the painting style, creative decorations applied in modern design and several products using patterns and colours of the style.

Hang Trong folk painting is one of unique painting styles with quintessence of aesthetic, spiritual and religious values of people of the ancient Hanoi. However, this painting style is in danger of being lost. It is kept in museums or by art collectors.

The event will contribute to introducing specific values of the painting style and suggest practical potentials of the style in modern life.

In the framework of the exhibition, artist and art researcher Phan Ngoc Khue and designer Trinh Thu Trang will talk with audiences on January 13th./.

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