The story began from the event of the Year of Monkey 1968. During the Vietnam War, journalist Ignacio Ezcurra (born 1939), who work for the La Nación, set his foot in Vietnam like many war correspondents from the West to pursue war news. In just a short time, Ignacio Ezcurra was in the most fierce places of the ongoing war from Hue to Saigon. She traveled many regions from rural to urban of Vietnam.

Family of Ignacio Ezcurra presented the Pentax Honeywell H3 camera to
Ho Chi Minh City War Remnants Museum

With the Pentax Honeywell H3 camera in his hands, Ignacio Ezcurra recorded many impressive moments that became part of the documentary heritage of the Vietnam War. Ignacio Ezcurra lost in Saigon on May 8th, 1968, but the story did not stop.

Exactly 50 years after the disappearance of Ignacio Ezcurra, his grandson Luisa , with a journey to follow his grandfather, came to Vietnam with her grandfather’s camera.  She came to Vietnam and also traveled provinces and cities to capture the image of Vietnam at the present with the camera from the past. Then, she presented his remembrances to the Ho Chi Minh City City War Remnants Museum.

Visitors to the exhibition

A cornner of the exhibition (Source:
The exhibition will run until August 30th and is expected to contribute to nurturing the friendship and cultural exchanges between Vietnam and Argentina./.
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