Photo for illustration (Source: VNA)

Facing the complicated situation of the COVID-19 epidemic, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism issued a document proposing that provincial-level Departments of Culture, Sports and Tourism mobilize, instruct and advise the people to consider delaying weddings and gatherings.

In addition, the Ministry's leader suggested that localities mobilize people not to offer meals during funerals.

Deputy Minister Trinh Thi Thuy proposed Departments of Culture, Sports and Tourism to strictly implement Directive 16 / CT-TTg of the Prime Minister  on mobilizing families not to organize festivals, meetings or other forms of gatherings during the epidemic.

In addition, the ministry leader asked the Departments to implement measures to promote the role and responsibility of the families in epidemic prevention, especially the dissemination to raise the awareness of each individual on voluntarily obeying requirements and measures on epidemic prevention and control.

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