Garments and textiles among five commodities earning an export value of over USD10 billion. (Photo:

Of this, five commodities registered an export value of over USD10 billion.

Specifically, telephone and components earned the largest export value of USD38.6 billion, equivalent to 19.9% of the total or a year-on-year rise of 5.1%. It was followed by electrical, computer, spare parts with USD24.5 billion (up 16.9%); garments and textiles USD24.8 billion (up 10.4%); footwear USD13.3 billion (up 13.5%); and machinery, equipment and tools USD12.9 billion (up 7.5%).

Although exports of wood and wooden products met difficulties due to new technical barriers from markets, businesses made best efforts to boost shipment with USD7.5 billion, up 17%. Means of transport and spare parts bagged USD6.4 billion, up 8.1%. 

On vice versa, export turnover of most agricultural and seafood products in nine months decreased sharply. Of this, the sharpest reduction went to coffee with 20.7%; followed by rice 9.7% and cashew, pepper and tea 4-6%.

The US is now the biggest export markets of Vietnam with USD44.9 billion, a year-on-year rise of 28.2%. Followings are the EU USD31.1 billion, down 0.7%; ASEAN USD19.4 billion, up 4.7%; Japan USD15.1 billion, up 10% and the Republic of Korea USD14.5 billion, up 8.1%./.