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Of this, exports were valued at USD14.34 billion, down 13.5% at USD2.24 billion, and imports were worth nearly USD13.19 billion, down 22.8% at some USD3.89 billion. On the whole, this month saw a trade surplus of over USD1.15 billion.

However, compared to January 2016, the turnover rose 4.8%, more than USD1.26 billion, in which exports increased 5.7% and imports grew 3.9%.

China, the Republic of Korea and the US are still the biggest trade partners of Vietnam.

In particular, exports to China in the first month of the year surged 34.4% while imports only went up 0.4%, contributing to reducing trade gap pressure from the market.

The Republic of Korea witnessed growth in both exports and imports with 29.4% and 30%, respectively, while shipments to the US slightly grew 0.3% and imports to the market surged 14.6%./.