The workshop

Under the plan, the central hub strives to develop as a green, modern, smart and global city with unique identity. It aims to have the GRDP growth of 9-11% and GRDP per capita ranging between USD7,000 and USD9,000 for 2018 - 2030.

Aiming to achieve the goal, participants proposed three groups of policies and solutions: building a comprehensive policy to create driving force for investment attraction and business, encouraging investment attraction in innovative urban areas in combination with hi-tech parks, and establishing a management board for the Da Nang seaport cluster.

It plans to achieve strong economic growth with breakthroughs by promoting Industry 4.0 and international integration; develop a local and regional hub for startups, innovation and creativeness; strive towards industrialization and modernization to motivate the growth and integration of the central and Central Highlands regions.

Over the past few years, the city has made socio-economic achievements with a unique identity being shaped. It plays a good role as a coastal city, a motive force for the key economic area, and a bridge between the Central and Central highlands regions./.