A corner of Mong Cai city 

After being recognized as a third-class urban center in 2007, Mong Cai actively promoted human and financial resources to boost socio-economic development, invested in building comprehensive infrastructure, built urban culture and increased population scale.

The city built various major projects, set up detailed schemes and plans for urban infrastructure and socio-economic infrastructure; road transport system, water drainage and sewage treatment; and expanded and upgraded main streets.  

In recent years, Mong Cai maintained high and stable economic growth with a 5-year average growth of 16.4%, a 1.23 fold from the 2006-2010 period, 1.9% higher than the target set in the Resolution of the 22nd city Party Congress.

Average income per capita in 2017 reached USD3,417, and state budget collection totaled to more than VND1.4 trillion./.