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Specifically, the city had 165 new FDI projects licensed with a total capital of USD96.7 million, and 31 ongoing projects with increased capital of USD31.1 million.

In addition, 554 foreign investors contributed capital, purchased capital and repurchased capital of domestic enterprises with a total value of USD894.1 million.

According to the Department, capital contribution and shares purchase now account for a large proportion of FDI attraction in the city during the period. This is the trend that FDI capital is being poured in to the southern hub in recent years. 

Specifically, about USD1.5 billion was registered for the type of investment in 2016, but the figure expanded to about USD3.68 billion in 2017 and jumped to about USD6 billion in 2018. Economic experts judged that this is the favored investment type of FDI companies because of simple and convenient procedures./.