French conductor Fabien Tehericsen 

The Firebird Suite, an orchestral work for the ballet “The Firebird” by Russian composer Igor Stravinsky, was first performed in Paris in 1910. Stravinsky made three orchestral suites from this music, of which the Firebird Suite, dating from 1919, is the second.

Stravinsky created the ballet in 1908, based on the Russian legend of the Firebird, a good spirit that protects people on earth with its feathers.

The story of the ballet features a prince, Ivan Tsarevich, who is in love with a Princess. But she is being held prisoner by a wicked wizard, Kashchei. Ivan saves the life of the Firebird early in the ballet. So with its help he is later able to free the Princess and marry her.

Prominent in the music is the fluttering dance of the Firebird, and the Wedding March at the ballet’s conclusion.

Conductor Fabien Tehericsen studied in France, Italy and Finland, and has conducted at least 18 orchestras worldwide. He’s also a composer, known for his inclusion of jazz elements in his compositions.

The concert is organized with support from Institut Francais du Vietnam./.

Compiled by BTA