Recognized as “One among ten most charming and mysterious islands on the planet” by the world's leading travel magazines of Lonely Planet and Travel + Leisure, Con Dao has really become an attractive destination, not only for domestic tourists but also for international tourists.
Con Dao, an island district of Ba Ria - Vung Tau province, about an hour from Ho Chi Minh city, has an area of about 76 square kilometers with 16 large and small islands and a population of only 6,000 people.
Each peaceful corner on Con Dao preserves its historic values of the nation.
Hang Duong Cemetery, the resting place of thousands of revolutionary soldiers, marking the crimes of imperial colonialists and part of the nation's heroic history.
Wharf 914 - a prominent historical site in Con Dao. The site marks the lives of 914 prisoners who died during the construction of the wharf.
Wharf 914 lies in the main beach of the Con Dao town. The building of the wharf started in 1873, it has a length of over 300 meters and a width of nearly 5 meters through many years of repair and expansion.
Wharf 914 is ideal place for fishing and sightseeing as well as a location for boat landing.

Peaceful life on Con Dao
Peaceful moment in Ben Dam Bay

Aquaculture area in Ben Dam Bay

Tourists can both visit the fishing village’s daily life and eat fresh seafood.
Con Dao is famous for long and beautiful beaches.

BTA (Photos: NDO)