The individuals were honoured for their outstanding performance in the campaign. (Photo: Tuyengiao News)

Following the campaign, from 2014 to 2016, staff, party members and soldiers of the provincial armed forces are self-conscious and raised their responsibility, combining studying and following the ideology, morality and style of President Ho Chi Minh with the movement “Emulating to win” and actively preventing “self-evolution” and “self-transformation” inside the Party.

The outstanding performance of the campaign is: organizing more than 50 sessions to popularize the policy of the Party, the policy and law of the State; being very closely touch with the grassroots and enhancing solidarity with the people; repairing nearly 100 kilometers of roads; concreting nearly 15 kilometers of roads; dredging 115 kilometers of irrigation canals; and helping people build 21 projects. 

The typical examples in the campaign include: Economics-Defence Group 379 with the model “Highlight in smart mass mobilization”; Scout Company 20 with the model “passionately training - winning the first match” and Dien Bien district Military Command with the movement “building regular camps”.

At the event, the provincial Military Headquarters presented certificates of merit to 16 individuals with outstanding performance in the campaign./.