Sung Thai communal leaders visit Mr. Cha’s (middle) bee model. (Photo:
Following Uncle Ho’s teachings, after his retirement, he has expanded production by developing animal breeding grounds, thus escaping poverty and being a good example for villagers to follow.

“When I was at work, I realized that as Uncle Ho’s teachings are of great importance, I strictly followed his teachings,” he said. “When I retired, I am trying to follow his teachings in developing domestic economy.”

Realizing that there is potential in developing bees from mint, at first when he had a small amount of capital, he raised 20 hives. Making profit and take advantage of the strong growth of mint flowers, he expanded bee production and earned stable income. Over the past 12 years, he has drawn a lot of experience in caring for the bees. At present, he is maintaining over 130 hives, collecting 100 litres of honey on average each time. Each year, he earns VND70-80 million from the honey and regularly passes on his bee honey production experience to local residents.

In realizing Uncle Ho’s teaching, he has actively developed breeding grounds. Last year, he was given a loan of VND80 million and used it to buy 4 cows and build the breeding grounds. In addition, he raises poultry. He puts aside half a hectare to plant grass, and over one hectare of plant rice and maize for animal food.

According to Hung Minh Hai, Deputy Secretary of the Sung Thai communal Party Committee and Chairman of the communal People’s Committee, Mr. Cha is bravely doing business. His increasing number of hives brings his family stable income and contributes to maintaining the trademark of mint honey.

Over the past nearly 60 years, the values of Uncle Ho’s teachings remain, becoming a movement of emulation among communities, notably Mr. Cha, who is patiently developing his domestic economy and becoming more prosperous from a poor family./.

Compiled by BTA