The cable cars connecting An Thoi town to Hon Thom island

In June alone, the number of foreigners to Kien Giang reached 40,740, a year-on-year rise of 108%, in which the majority of the holiday-makers visited the locality by air.

In the six months, more than 130 countries and territories sent tourists to Kien Giang, with sharp growth seen in tourist arrivals from China, Russia and Northern Europe. Specifically, China topped the list with 36,743 arrivals (up 151%), followed by Russia 36,312 (up over 603%), the Republic of Korea 21,229 (up 502%), Sweden 20,499 (up 324%), the US 18,533 (91.7%), Germany 17,532 (up 126.5%), the UK 17,233 (up 238.7%).

This year, Phu Quoc received a large number of foreigners due to the operation of many charter flights of foreign airlines and travel agencies. In addition, in March, the island welcomed MS Europa 2 international cruise ships carrying nearly 1,000 European tourists.

The recognition of an additional three tourism areas: Nam Du archipelago, Lai Son Island and Hai Tac archipelago, contributed to raising the number of foreign tourists to the province.               

Kien Giang is expected to greet 495,000 foreign tourists in 2018, up 34.4% over a year earlier. With the current growth rate, the provincial tourism industry would fulfill and exceed the set target./.